Eco-Element at the Royal Welsh Show

Tuesday, 21 July 2015 08:25

We are delighted to have supplied the Eco-Element floor tiles to Coed Cymru for the spectacular 'Pavilion @ RWAS' which was unveiled to the public at the Royal Welsh Show yesterday. Eco-Element is a new material made with a combination of cementitious binders and waste wood product - it can either be indistinguishable from other concrete finishes, or the embedded recycled wood waste can be shown as a visible texture, as in these tiles.


A team of Wales based architects, engineers, timber suppliers, sawmills, manufacturers, building contractors and regulators have worked together to create the distinctive building. 


The floor tiles were made using waste shavings from the Pavilion's box beam manufacture and concrete manufactured at our site in Caerphilly.  


The project named Ty Unnos (House In A Night) has been built on the Royal Welsh showground to provide a show stand for Coed Cymru and act as a tool for the dissemination of Welsh timber based construction and its supply chains.

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