Element is PMFRC polymer modified fibre reinforced concrete. This gives it a high strength compared with ordinary concrete. It allows it to be cast in thin sections whilst still retaining its integrity which opens up a wide range of opportunities and applications for the product. Its thin section allows up to 50% of the weight to be taken from the product making it very user friendly from a manual handling point of view. It also opens up new application opportunities where weight is an issue it can be used for over cladding it can be used in refurbishment and repair applications it is ideal for weight reduction in standard type items such as window sills, key stones etc.

Benefits include:

  • thin wall section
  • high strength
  • light weight PMFRC product
  • address HSE issues
  • new solutions for repairs


Eco-Element/Woodcrete is a new material, still under development, made with embedded recycled wood waste, either as a visible texture or indistinguishable from other concrete finishes. SPP have recently engaged in a project with Swansea University and Brett to take the material from tested material to product status. We hope that we will be in a position to offer the material commercially within 12-18 months.

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